If there’s one thing JC Cassis doesn’t do, it’s limit herself to doing one thing. She’s an independent solo music artist, singer, songwriter, music producer, video director, podcast/event producer and more.

Her latest release, the Four on the Floor EP, is the culmination of a decade-long journey to find and reclaim her own voice and sound. JC first released The Four on the Floor EP in 2010 and began performing it around her hometown of New York City. Later that year, she was invited to be a founding member of a pop girl group, on the condition that she take down her EP so that all focus would be on the new group’s music. For the next five years, the group released jaw-dropping hit music videos, appeared on LOGO TV, Oxygen Network and VH1 and headlined pride festivals around the USA, but JC never forgot about her EP. After a half decade with the group, she decided it was time to prioritize her own wellness and return to her solo work. “I’ll always be proud of what we were able to accomplish with the band,” JC says, “but the true calling of my life has always been to make my own solo work. The longer I allowed myself to be pulled away from that, the more I realized it was the thing I most needed to do.”

She took a much-needed break, then dove back into music with the 2018 release of her hilarious anti-Christmas, song, “Christmas Is Bullshit,” which she performed to packed rooms around NYC, even once sharing the stage with David Cross and Jim Gaffigan.

Then she began preparing the Four on the Floor EP for a triumphant re-release, with updated mixing and mastering, brand new album art, a series of interview videos that tell the story of JC as an artist, the EP, and how each song came to be, lyric videos for all 7 songs, and music videos for a few of her favorite tracks.

“By bringing the Four on the Floor EP back into the world,” JC says, “I’m sending the message that I will never again allow my voice to be silenced or my music to be taken out of the world. And it’s never too late to live your dream, no matter how much time has passed or how far you have to go. It’s been a long, hard journey, but I’m back, and better than ever. I hope that the story of this EP inspires people everywhere to keep working to achieve their dreams, no matter what’s standing in their way.”

Since 2011, JC has also been the producer of the wildly popular independent true storytelling podcast RISK!, where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share. She has directed and overseen the independent growth of RISK! from a DIY project conceived in a bedroom in Bushwick in 2009 to an international sensation that tours the world to sold out live audiences and receives over 1 million downloads per month. RISK! was created and is hosted by comedian and storyteller Kevin Allison and has featured incredible true stories from famous people and ordinary folks alike. calls RISK! “jaw-dropping, hilarious and just plain touching.”

As a true storyteller, JC has shared three powerful true stories from her life on the RISK! podcast, including one called “The Downward Spiral,” which is ranked among the best RISK! stories of the entire 500+ episode series, and has received praise from listeners around the world. “The Downward Spiral” was also selected for inclusion in the book RISK! True Stories People Never Thought They’d Dare to Share, published by Hachette Books in 2018, alongside incredible true stories from Dan Savage, Michael Ian Black, Aisha Tyler, Lili Taylor, Ts Madison, Marc Maron, Kevin Allison and more.

As a podcast and event producer, JC’s work has been recognized in The New York Times, Rolling Stone and more. In 2020, JC had the honor of producing the live online reunion of MTV’s cult classic sketch comedy show, The State, which raised over $90,000 for charity.

As a voice over actor, JC has appeared in supporting roles on Disney Junior’s P. King Duckling.

JC is currently working on new solo music, collaborating with other artists, and preparing a new live show.