I’m excited to release the Story Behind the Song interview video for my song, Hold For Your Lovin’! This interview addresses a real and recurring issue in my social life, which is that I so often want to reach friends at times when no one happens to be available, no matter how many people I reach out to, and it drives me nuts. I’m a proud extrovert surrounded by die-hard introverts and it drives me nuts. Extroverts of the world, unite! And more importantly, hang out together! Enjoy!

I just released the official lyric video for the first song, My Ex Is Delicious, on my EP, Four on the Floor! This was one of the FIVE videos we shot all on one day back in October, and it was number two of the day. We shot it on the Williamsburg Bridge, which is an awesome bridge to walk over when you need to get between Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. I think we did about three takes of the video to get the one-shot take we needed. This video is also the reason why I had an excuse to buy a Hershey bar and a big bag of Hershey’s Kisses, since I mention them both in the song, and it took me months to bake all those former props into peanut butter cookies and not eat too many at once, but I did it, because I’m a hero. Enjoy the video, and if you’re feeling adventurous, send it to an ex!