Check out the new Official Lyric Video for my song, Say It!

This was the first one we filmed on our big day of filming 5 lyric videos in a row. I arrived to the shoot with my hair curled like a 5 year old pageant queen, but the wind had blown all the curls out by the time we started shooting, and my hair drops a curl like a hot potato anyway, but I think it all worked out for the best.

Watch the whole video for some hilarious background cameos by my very silly fellow New Yorkers. I love what they did!

I’m proud to release the Official Lyric Video for my song, I Just Wanna Hold You, from the Four On The Floor EP! I think we got this one in just two takes, which was great since it was one of five lyric videos we filmed that day and we were starting to run low on time before the sun went down. We filmed it at Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Since I wrote these songs back in 2009, I kind of wanted to film the videos for them at locations that looked about the same as they did in 2009, but New York changes so fast all the time, and so many areas of New York look totally different than they did in 2009, and so many of these newly rebuilt areas are so great for filming, that I let that idea go and just filmed wherever it would be best to film. Since these are all one-shot videos, I liked that Domino Park has this winding ramp up to a walkway above the park with a great view of Manhattan, which meant I could keep rotating around and changing the background scenery, and have a nice reveal of the Manhattan skyline midway through the video. I love how it turned out, and I hope you do, too!

I’m excited to release the Story Behind the Song interview video for my song, Hold For Your Lovin’! This interview addresses a real and recurring issue in my social life, which is that I so often want to reach friends at times when no one happens to be available, no matter how many people I reach out to, and it drives me nuts. I’m a proud extrovert surrounded by die-hard introverts and it is quite irritating. Extroverts of the world, unite! And more importantly, hang out together! Enjoy!