Icedick is finally out everywhere today!

I’m overjoyed that Icedick is finally out in the world for everyone to enjoy!

We had the release party in Brooklyn last night, where we performed the song live and screened the music video for the first time. The feedback from the crowd was incredible, and they were bowled over by the video.

Through the process of getting this video made, Josh and I have probably watched it about 100 times, so even though we still love it and haven’t gotten tired of it, we loved being able to see a group of people experience it together for the first time. It was so awesome to hear their laughter and cheers and see how invested they got in the story of the video and all the twists and turns.

We look forward to people around the world seeing the video on YouTube and being able to get out and perform the song and screen the video more.

The Icedick release also includes a recording of this live, acoustic performance we did of Icedick at the RISK!/Bawdy Storytelling live show in 2018 at The Bell House in Brooklyn in the video above. The crowd that night was electric and we even had a guest backup dance for the performance by Kevin Allison, which you can see here. I’m so excited to be able to share this live recording with all my listeners as well. Hopefully it won’t be the last one I do!

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be living in a world that needs the clean version of songs with explicit lyrics, given how outrageous a lot of top ten pop hits have gotten lyrically, but for now, we do have this tamer version of Icedick, called Icestick, for any of you who may want to listen to this version around kids or anywhere you can’t be blasting curse words.

Those are all the versions of Icedick that are out now everywhere you get music, so go take a listen, send them to your friends, add them to your playlists, and play them at your gatherings! We look forward to Icedick delighting listeners around the world!

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