My recent show at the Brooklyn Public Library, which was my first full solo live show back in forever, was super fun and a great success. I performed all of the Four on the Floor EP plus three cover songs and a medley/mashup of some of my favorite early 90’s pop songs.

The weather was beautiful, the audience was into it, and it was a great time all around. Got these beautiful pics of the show by Stuart Ruston/Cherry Ghost.

Can’t wait to get more stage looks and choreography ready so I can get out there more regularly!

A new song and music video have also been in the works all year long and should be out soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Here is Friday Night Forever, the final official lyric video in the series for all 7 songs on my EP, Four On The Floor!

This was the fifth and final video we filmed on the same day, just as the sun was going down in Bushwick. At first, we were sad that we were losing the golden hour light, but in the end, I’m glad we filmed it after sundown, especially since the song is all about partying at night.

I’m so glad I got to film in this awesome spot with all this great graffiti, and that we were able to get such a great one take video despite random people we had to dodge and the very uneven sidewalk that Travis, my camera person, and HD, my PA, had to walk backwards on while maneuvering the camera and portable light. They are the best!