1. Hi JC,
    I listened to the story you told about your uncle in Downward Spiral on Risk. It really touched my heart. Sometimes when you are in a situation like you experienced with your family, it can feel really isolating. And while I thankfully haven’t gone through what you and your mother and uncle went through, I can relate, even on a small level. I wanted to let you know that I have so much compassion for you all in that situation. I also wanted to thank you for sharing that terribly personal and heartbreaking story. I was blessed in life with a rosy outlook for so long. Thinking that somehow, everything always works out. That people die happy and all old people are happy grandmas and grandpas. But that outlook changed. I was at a point where I could see how people get to a bad place in life, how lives are devastated with just a series of bad decisions. Very rarely, I now see, do people live the best years of their lives at the ends of them. Reaching out to reclusive and lonely people is so important. Especially old people, even if they don’t let you in. Well I could go on but I won’t, just, thanks. Your story, your mom’s story, your uncle’s story, really meant a lot to me.


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