The official lyric video for my song, Dance Dance Dance, from my EP, Four on the Floor, is finally here!

I shot this video back in early October with Travis Stewart filming and Jessica Figueroa assisting. It was just supposed to be a test shoot, but with 7 lyric videos to film for this EP, I came to the shoot ready for business in case we could actually get anything usable done and cross a few videos off the list while we were at it. We did end up finishing filming this one and the one for Everybody’s Crazy in New York that day in just a few hours, which, along with the other 5 lyric videos, which we shot all in one day a few weeks later, will also be coming out over the next bunch of weeks.

This is my favorite song from the EP and this video was a lot of fun to shoot. We did about 5 takes, and we ended up choosing this one, which happened to have a lot of people biking through the shot in the foreground and background. It seemed like the one kid who biked in between me and the camera when we were filming was hoping to ruin the shot and annoy us, but we just kept filming, and now that moment is actually one of my favorites in the video, so thanks, kid!

Making video content is often expensive, time consuming and really complicated and work intensive, so I wanted to figure out a smart, fun and doable way to make a great piece of video content for each song in addition to the few full music videos I have in mind. Keeping these videos one-shot and improvising them and putting them in black and white and shooting them with a minimal crew really helped a lot on all those fronts. Keeping things doable and getting them done is everything for an independent artist! And though I love having a well-thought out vision and then executing it exactly, sometimes it can be really fun and fruitful to just have a general idea and see what you get!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, an incredible podcast made by my pal and wonderful comedian/musician, Dave Hill. We covered pretty much every topic and it’s hilarious. Enjoy!

It’s been quite a year. In the spring, XELLE brought out our long awaited Hologram music video. Shortly thereafter, it unfortunately became apparent that the group would need to make a painful but necessary change of reinventing itself as the duo of Rony and me to be able to move forward in a way that everyone could be happy with. It was a mutual decision between all members of XELLE, and although we made it to benefit everyone involved, it wasn’t easy to swallow the idea that it meant that we’d have to re-brand everything we’d done up to that point and find a way to relaunch and continue what we do while maintaining the interest and confidence of our fans.

So we got to work on two new videos, and the one above, Red Flag, is our first offering as a duo. I’m relieved and excited to say that it’s gotten lots of coverage and praise so far, in publications such as TimeOut New York, The Huffington Post, The Advocate, Towleroad, Out, and many more. We’ve been working like maniacs to support and promote it, including doing tons of promo performances of the song around NYC, and I’m so excited that XELLE can finally put the focus, time and effort into promoting a project the right way. Making Red Flag a big success is our mission for the next few months, and since it’s a great song that we all wrote together, and has a great message we all believe in, I wouldn’t want to spend my time any other way.

If you enjoy Red Flag and stand for equality, please share this video with all of your friends and family, and check out to find out how you can get involved in our movement for equality in Russia and beyond.

Thanks for your support and patience while we worked to bring you new XELLE stuff!