Getting “Christmas Is Bullshit” to the people

dsc08998After my performance at Union Hall. Photo credit: Hunter Peress

dsc09361Backstage at Cheap Date Comedy at Union Hall with the cast of the show. Photo credit: Hunter Peress

img_2638Singing “Christmas Is Bullshit” at Big Break Standup at The Nest in Brooklyn. Photo credit: Jordan Russo

I had a blast this past December performing Christmas Is Bullshit all over New York City. I did eleven performances, including one with comedians David Cross and Jim Gaffigan, and I got to perform at tons of venues I’d never performed at before, like Union Hall, Chelsea Music Hall, UCB East, Caveat and the Slipper Room. It was so fun to share the song with all kinds of audiences, and when I sang it for a burlesque audience, people were howling at every joke and singing along to the song. Lucky for me, comedy and burlesque audiences in New York are NOT into Christmas, so they loved this song!

Can’t wait to do it all again later this year, and this time I’ll be able to start planning my performances further in advance, so I hope to do it at least 30 times.

Putting this song out and being able to perform it really transformed my holiday season. Instead of it being all about stuff I don’t like, it was all about the stuff I like the most: singing, performing, hanging out with other artists, making new friends, having new experiences, and having people tell me they loved my performance. I didn’t make this song just so I would have something to look forward to during the holidays, but now I do anyway!

Best of all, my parents like the song, and I was really worried they wouldn’t. But a good song is a good song, no matter who made it. 😉

I’m so glad to have an active presence again on YouTube, Facebook and Spotify as well. Can’t wait to bring out more music, videos and other projects for people to enjoy!


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