The Four on the Floor EP is out everywhere today!

I’m elated to say that the Four on the Floor EP is finally out today, everywhere you get music! Some people seem to have a hard time understanding what that means, so here’s an FAQ:

Is it on Spotify?


Is it on iTunes/Apple Music?


Is it on Pandora?


Is it on TikTok?


Is it on Tidal?


Is it on Amazon Music?


Is it on YouTube?

You betcha.

Is there any place people get music online that it’s NOT on?

No. That’s why I said it was everywhere.

Oh, so you mean like EVERYWHERE.


That’s why you said it was “everywhere” originally.

Yes, exactly.

But like, even SoundCloud and Bandcamp and stuff?

Do you think those places belong in the category of “everywhere”?


Then I guess the music is there too, isn’t it?

I guess it would be.


So then is the music there as well?

Are you this boneheaded all the time?


Ok cool. I’m glad it’s not just with me. Yes, the music is on SoundCloud and Bandcamp and literally everywhere else.

I’m not in the USA. Can I access the music from somewhere else?


Oh good, because I’m not located in the USA.

That’s ok. You don’t have to be.

Great, because I don’t want to be.

I don’t care about that.

Typical American. Only thinking about yourself!

Yup. It’s my release day. So that’s what I’m thinking about. Bye!

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